Star of Life Nomination


The Star of Life Awards

  • HONOR Exceptional EMS personnel from each of Tennessee’s eight EMS regions
  • RECOGNIZE Tennessee’s emergency medical services systems and organizations
  • REUNITE EMS providers with the person treated and highlight the actual patient scenario
  • GENERATE Positive media stories regarding pre-hospital care and the EMS Star of Life Award
  • MAGNIFY The profile of National EMS Week in the state of Tennessee

The Star of Life (SOL) Awards Committee

Reviews nominations and selects winners from each region based on the EMS provider’s service to his/her community and commitment to saving the lives of his/her patients. To ensure that all qualified EMS providers are considered, we are asking for nominations for recipients of this prestigious EMS Star of Life Award.


Nomination Qualifications

  • The patient encounter must have occurred during the calendar year of 2023
  • The patient can be of any age – adult or pediatric
  • The patient had a return to neurological baseline.
  • Standards of care (protocols) are followed
  • The patient EMS run sheets and aeromedical documentation (if applicable) will be submitted and reviewed for completeness
  • All requested information must be submitted for the nomination packet to be considered by the SOL Committee
  • All nomination must be submitted by January 5, 2024

To nominate a rescue or medical team electronically, please click here. 

Electronic Application

If you would prefer to nominate a rescue or medical team via paper application, please download that here. 

Paper Application